Refinished Stucco on South Minneapolis Home

South Minneapolis Stucco

South Minneapolis Stucco


This stucco on this home in South Minneapolis had been previously painted. In order to refinish the stucco, we needed to sandblast the existing stucco in order to remove all of the paint. The homeowner was in the process of painting the wood trim around the windows, and had discovered some rotten areas of trim. We repaired several areas of rotten wood on the window trim. We also replaced the attic vents in the gables of the home. We patched several areas of the existing stucco, including the location of an old ice box, an area around a new door, and some various cracks.

We then refinished the stucco using a knock-down dash texture, in the color chosen by the homeowners. The stucco at the base of the home was refinished in a complementary color, using a trowel texture. The result was a beautiful new stucco finish on this classic home in south Minneapolis.

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