Foundation Stucco Repair in Minnesota

Stucco repair on foundation in Columbia Heights, MN

We usually post examples of beautiful new stucco projects on the exterior of homes in Minnesota, but we often work on much smaller projects.  We are experts at stucco repairs, samll additions, and in this case, foundation repair.  This home in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, had siding on the exterior of the home, with stucco on the foundation.  There were pieces that had fallen off, very large cracks, and several areas where the stucco itself was loose and no longer bonded to the block foundation.  For this project, we removed all of the loose areas, filled in the large holes, and installed galvanized metal lath to the entire foundation.  We then applied a two-coat stucco base to the lath, leveled the stucco, and then floated the surface.  This gives the foundation a clean, smooth look with a beautiful stucco float finish.

The homeowner was very, very pleased and sent us the following note:

“So impressed with the quality of work your company does, Patrick.  The foundation looks fantastic, and I was absolutely amazed at how spotless the area around the house is. Not a drop, anywhere!  Fast, neat, professional — you guys rock!  Many thanks to you and the crew, Irene”


Here are some before and after photos of the stucco foundation work performed on this Columbia Heights, MN, home:

Before picture of foundation stucco in disrepair

Foundation stucco after the area has been repaired



The foundation stucco on the Minnesota home was in complete disrepair

After the project is completed, the stucco looks crisp, clean, and brand new!

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