Maplewood, MN, Complete Exterior Renovation

Maplewood, Minnesota, Stucco and Exterior Renovation

Before picture of Maplewood stucco home


This home in Maplewood, Minnesota, was in need of a complete exterior renovation.  The original home was stucco on the sides and part of the back, with aluminum siding on the front.  The homeowner had recently replaced the windows on the home, and the trim was improperly installed.  Our first job was to install new fiber cement trim around the windows.  We ensured that windows had the proper flashing tape on the sill, and integrated our building paper and flashing tape to ensure there would be no way for water to enter the walls.  We also installed a frieze board at the bottom of the soffit to provide an attractive detail.

On the west side of the home, we removed the stucco in the gable in order to install the trim and a faux vent to give this side of the home a different look than the opposite side.  We patched the stucco around the new windows and under the new frieze board. We installed a flashing at the bottom of the stucco, which protects the new stone from any water getting behind it.  We also installed galvanized lath and our base coats to all of the areas where the stone was installed:

Maplewood, MN, New Stucco with faux vent

Before the new stucco, stone, and faux vent were installed


On the lake side of the home, we installed new fiber cement trim to the window bays.  We continued the frieze board on this side of the home, and needed to repair the stucco in many places.  We framed in an old service door, and installed stucco to this area and the surrounding foundation.  On the chimney side, we installed the trim and frieze board, and patched the stucco around these areas:

Rear of stucco and trim project in Maplewood, MN

Lake Side of Maplewood, MN, Stucco Home

Before picture of lake side of home

When all of the trim and stucco repairs were completed, we applied a two-coat stucco finish to the entire home.  The homeowner wanted to change the texture, so we applies a trowel texture the is more smooth than the previous texture.  We used a color that blended with the new trim, and enhanced the natural stone.  This complete exterior renovation gives this stucco home an updated look that will require minimal maintenance.  The homeowner loves the new look of their home, and will enjoy this lakeside home for many, many years.


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