New Stucco Installation on Burnsville, MN, Duplex

New stucco on Burnsville, MN, duplex





There was a fire in this Burnsville, Minnesota, duplex.  As part of the insurance restoration, the homeowner decided to upgrade the duplex’s exterior from metal siding to stucco.  The first step in the stucco process is the installation of Grade D building paper and galvanized metal lath:

Grade D building paper and galvanized metal lath installed on this Minnesota duplex


The next step is the application of a two-coat base, consisting of a scratch coat and a brown coat:

The two-coat stucco base applied on this Minnesota duplex


The base coats are allowed to dry and cure, and then the two-coat stucco finish is applied.  On this duplex, the homeowners chose the color Adobe using a knock-down dash texture.  The new stucco exterior of this Minnesota duplex will be maintenance free for the homeowners, who live in Colorado.  It also provides an updated look that is attractive to the prospective tenants and improves the appearance of the entire neighborhood!


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