Refinished Stucco on a South Minneapolis Home

Refinished Stucco on South Minneapolis Home


The owner of this south Minneapolis home saw the Foley Exteriors sign in front of a home that we had recently completed, and insisted that because that house looked so beautiful, she had to have us do her stucco, too.  On the gables of her home, the stucco protruded beyond the wood trim, enabling rain to travel behind the stucco.  So, the first thing that we did for this project was to remove these frieze boards in order to install a flashing that prevented water from entering behind the stucco.

The homeowner also had insulation blown into her walls from the outside of the home.  Therefore, we had to patch the holes that were drilled into the stucco.  We also needed to repair a few areas on the home that had deteriorated, in order to prepare the stucco for the new finish coats.  We applied a two-coat stucco finish to the entire home, using a knock-down dash texture.  The homeowner chose the color Parchment, which looks great with the greenish-blue trim, and also enhances the beautiful stone and brickwork on the front of the home.  The new stucco on this south Minneapolis home enhances the great details of the home, and the fresh, clean look of the new stucco exceeding the homeowner’s expectations.


Refinished stucco on this Minneapolis, MN, home

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