Southwest Minneapolis Stucco Project

Southwest Minneapolis Stucco Refinish


This beautiful home in Southwest Minneapolis near Minnehaha Creek underwent a complete stucco transformation.  This stucco project started as just stucco installation to a small addition on the rear of the home.  Through the process of construction, the contractor discovered other issues on the rear of the home, so we removed all of the stucco from the back of the house.  This allowed the contractor to replace some windows, and to make repairs to the existing roof.   We then installed new stucco to the addition and to the rear of the home.  The homeowners also decided to have insulation blown into the walls of the rest of the home. To do this, the insulation contractor drills holes into the stucco in order to access the wall cavities. Then, they blow insulation into the spaces, and place a plug into the hole. We then patch the stucco to fill the holes.

The homeowners also decided that they wanted to refinish the stucco on the entire home.  The existing stucco on the home had been previously painted.  We sandblasted the old stucco to remove the paint, and did some various patching to prepare the stucco for a new finish coat.  A beautiful new stucco finish was then applied to the entire home.

Southwest Minneapolis Stucco Refinish

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