St. Paul Stucco Project

St. Paul stucco project


The homeowners of this St. Paul, Minnesota, home had recently purchased the home from a relative.  The stucco on the home was in rough shape, having been painted and many areas that needed to be repaired.  We first sandblasted the existing stucco in order to remve the paint.  Next, we needed to remove some patches of stucco that had been repaired previously, which were done improperly.  There were also many areas that needed to be repaired in order to prepare the existing stucco for the new finish coat.

The homeowner wanted to match a color that she had seen on a different home.  We made several samples for her, and she chose the one that she liked the best.  We applied a knockdown dash texture to the entire home.  The homeowners loved the final result, which transformed this old stucco house into the best-looking home on their block.


Stucco home in St. Paul, Minnesota

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