Stucco Home in East St. Paul

Stucco Home in St. Paul

This home on the east side of St. Paul had been painted many years ago, and the paint was peeling on a few sides. First, we sandblasted the existing stucco to remove the paint. We then patched some areas on the garage, where the stucco had a few large holes and some large cracks. There were also a few areas on the home that we patched in order to prepare the stucco for a new finish coat.

We applied a new stucco finish to the entire home, with the stucco color white and using a knockdown dash texture. We then applied a gray brushcoat to the foundation, to maintain the original appearance of the home. We did a few extra finishing touches for the homeowner, including the installation of new light fixtures they had purchased, and installing a fancy new address plate. The homeowners will enjoy their new exterior for a long, long time!


St. Paul Stucco Home

Stucco Home in St. Paul, Minnesota

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