Stucco Home in South Minneapolis

South Minneapolis Stucco Home


The owners of this south Minneapolis home purchased the home several years ago. This year, they decided that they wanted to update the exterior of the home. The stucco had been painted by the previous owners, and the previous owners had also “repaired” the stucco on the chimney by installing a foam-based acrylic stucco product. In reality, they were hiding the real problems with the chimney…which were discovered while we were trying to repair the chimney the correct way.

We sandblasted the existing stucco in order to remove the paint. There were a few areas of the stucco that needed to be repairs on the home, but we knew the main repairs were going to be on the chimney. After we removed the foam that was on the lower portion of the chimney, it became evident that there was significant damage to the stucco on the chimney. Once we removed some of the loose stucco above the roofline, it was clear that the stucco wasn’t the only thing that was damage…the masonry inside the chimney was deteriorated beyond the point of repair. It was necessary to tear down the entire chimney, and rebuild it so that it was structurally safe and sound.

The chimney was rebuilt using concrete blocks, with natural stone accents. We installed new galvanized metal lath to the block, and then applied the base coats. Once the base coats on the chimney had cured, we applied a two-coat finish to the entire home. The project was a little more involved than the homeowners originally anticipated, but now can enjoy their beautiful new chimney and stucco for decades!


Beautiful new stucco and chimney on this south Minneapolis home

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